Saturday, 2 March 2013

Raw Apple Pie With Vanilla Orange Cinnamon Sauce

When I was little I would always help my grandma make an apple pie every time we visited, I always looked forward to it! She was teaching me how to make her famous family pastry dough to keep the recipe in the family, haha. Well since being paleo for 2 years I have not made any pies, but there are so many paleo and raw recipes out there! I had been thinking about apple pie for a while now and finally got a chance to make one for our family dinner this Sunday. It is definitely not quite the same as grandmas flour and butter filled apple pie, but It has the same love put into it! Also there is no baking required! Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, and eat some pie!!! Pie makes everything better :)

Star shaped design with Vanilla orange caramel sauce !

Mom's nifty apple peeler, sure came in handy!

You can see the delicious  coconut flakes in the crust, much love!

INGREDIENTS: ( Fills an 8 Inch pie pan)

- 1 cup soaked walnuts
- 1 cup soaked almonds
- 1/4 cup shredded coconut
- 8 soaked dates pitted
- 1/4 TSP Cinnamon
- 1/8 TSP Cloves
- 1/8 TSP Nutmeg
- Pinch of salt

- 3 sweet apple peeled
- 1/2 juice of lemon
- Date water

- Juice of 1 orange
- 1/2 juice of lemon
- 8 soaked dates pitted
- 1 TSP vanilla extract
- 1/4 TSP cinnamon
- 1/8 TSP cloves
- 1/8 TSP nutmeg
- 1/8 TSP ginger
- Pinch of salt


- In a food processor combine walnuts and almonds, pulse until it becomes a meal ( don't pulse too much or it will turn into nut butter)
- Add in shredded coconut, salt and spices, pulse again and add in dates
- Mix well in processor until it starts to form a ball
- Press crust into a 8" pie pan working it up the sides ( you can press the edges in with your thumb to make it more decorative)
- Place Pie crust into the freezer and let sit for about 15 minutes
- While crust is freezing, peel and slice apples thinly, cover with left over soaked date water and lemon, make sure the water covers the apples fully or they will start to brown.
- Next prepare the sauce, juice the orange and lemon leaving the pulp out.
- Add orange and lemon juice to a blender and mix in the rest of the sauce ingredients, Dates, spices, and vanilla extract.
- Drain the water well from the bowl the apples were sitting in, pour sauce over top and use your hands to carefully coat all the apple pieces with out breaking them.
- Remove crust from freezer. Start layering the apple slices in a circular formation, working from the inside out.
- Use the rest of the sauce left in the bottom of the bowl and drizzle over top.
- Place in refrigerator until ready to serve.

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