Thursday, 28 February 2013

Jumbo Sized Organic Virgin Coconut Oil !

Now this is my kind of super sized! Haha Usually these extra jumbo sized coconut oil go for 23-26$ so I have seen in health food stores. Costco though seems to have a good selection of organic produced and products! This baby was only 18$ amazing! Lots of Raw and Paleo food to come with this tub of heaven ;)

When buying coconut oil make sure it is "Organic" and  "Virgin cold pressed" , don't bother buying it if it does not say this. The benefits of coconut oil are amazing! Check out some of the health benefits of coconut oil HERE

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Paleo Cholate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

As a kid I'm sure u remember being so excited to have some of the cookie dough before the cookies were actually baked right? Why was it so good!? I don't know but it still is haha! These little bites of goodness well bring you back to those days I'm sure :)

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Yam Noodles With Roasted Red Pepper Coconut Cream Sauce

Yams, Coconuts = love , haha. This was a delicious  dish! I love the taste of roasted red pepper in a cream sauce on pasta, although its been a long time since I have had any pasta, I brought it back Paleo style! I have done Zucchini noodles before, but i recently was inspired to try making noodles out of yams :) This recipe can be modified by adding any veggies you like, have fun with it!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Cashew Coconut Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

Round #2 of Ice cream madness!!! Well my first ice cream making experience went amazingly, I was so excited to make some more haha. I wanted to do something classic and simple, I loveee the taste of Vanilla, I always go for vanilla ice cream over chocolate! When I recently discovered "real" vanilla beans in the pod over christmas I couldn't believe that I had been missing out on it all these years! The extract just doesn't come close to the fragrant vanilla beans right from the pod. Next time your in the grocery store make sure you pick some up, they go great in all kinds of baking and smoothies!

Pesto Bacon Prawn Salad With Tomatos And Green Goddess Dressing

Today I picked up some delicious local nitrate free bacon , double smoked too, gotta love that smoky flavour! Back home my mom used to always make bacon wrapped scallops , they were so good! So I thought why not try prawns with the rich garlicky savoury flavour of pesto. I though it would compliment the smoky bacon well, sure did! I decided to top it off with my Green Goddess avocado dressing which also has pesto as an ingredient.

Just a little note to those who are interested.. try to pay attention to the labels and producers when buying bacon. Most bacon is full of preservatives (Nitrates), along with that the pigs are injected with hormones , vaccines and are fed a grain based diet AKA very unhealthy pig = unhealthy you. A lot of people following a Paleo lifestyle LOVE there bacon ( So do I ), but don't overlook the obvious. Many local farmers raise pigs that are hormone and vaccine free, and brine there bacon without nitrates. Although bacon does taste good its not worth the taste for all the junk they put in your typical supermarket ones. Look for a local organic producer and enjoy the good stuff when possible!

Roasted Beet Walnut Goat Cheese Salad Over Mixed Greens With Balsamic Dressing

This salad is a classic. The first time I ever tried something like this was at a restaurant back home called the Atlas, they make the best combinations of ethnic and unique flavours! This salad is the perfect combination of acidity, creamy and sweet :)

Friday, 15 February 2013

Raw Strawberry Mouse Chocolate Ganache Tarts AKA Rose Buds

Happy valentines day everyone ! Hope you all have a lovely day filled with lots of goodies! haha Yesterday I went to a valentines day party with some friends, the week before I said I would make something Raw / Paleo for the party including chocolate of course haha :) . After lots of contemplation I decided to make something similar to the Raspberry Ganache cake I had made before. I used a similar recipe for the base and made a whipped cashew strawberry mouse for the topping. I was so happy with the way they turned out, and with the piping tip I used they look like lil rose buds!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Chai Protein Powder Paleo Pancakes

Well since today was valentines day I decided to make an extra special breakfast aside from my usual eggs and veggies. PANCAKES! Who doesn't love em..?  I have tried a few different successful recipes, but I had recently seen people using protein powder. I have some "Vega One" Chai protein powder that I though would go awesome with pancakes! Sure enough it turned out amazing, and these pancakes texture and consistency is that or regular flour pancakes or better :D Enjoy~! Happy Valentines day everyone!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Coconut Chai Ice Cream

Today was so much fun! My evening class was canceled so that left with with loads of time to experiment and of course... make ice cream! After doing loads of research and having a heck of a time deciding what kind I wanted to make, I finally decided this morning after being inspired by a simple cup of Chai tea! So here it is, Coconut Chai Ice cream. Oh, and also I got to crack open a young coconut! Brings me back to my time in Asia, I miss being able to pluck them fresh from the trees there, the benefits are amazing, want to learn more? Click HERE, Both the sweet coconut water and soft flesh are delicious and amazing for you! Sorry for all the pictures, I was having a little too much fun ;) Hope this inspires you all to make your own home made ice cream :D

After hacking away at the coconut, I finally got to the good stuff! Super soft young coconut flesh, it taste so good!
Coconut Chai Ice cream Garnished with star anise :)

New Ice Cream Maker !

Today was a very awesome day! I have been dreaming about making ice cream for a while now since I got Ani's Raw Food Deserts cook book! I never though you could make ice cream that is healthy! haha not to mention Paleo, Raw, and Vegan :) I did a bunch of research and decided that this was the best ice cream maker out there for the price, AKA best bang for your buck! It's the new Cuisinart ICE-21 Ice cream maker art Ice cream maker. In the states you can get it in different colours, they even have turquoise!! I went crazy haha, but unfortunately its practically impossible to get it in canada right now unless you are willing to pay crazy amounts for shipping. Well Im super excited to make some ice cream , recipes coming soon!

Paleo Chili

I love making meals that will last me a few days , are taste better each day! Chili sure is one of those meals that taste better on day 2 or 3 . This is a pretty much add any vegetable in the fridge kind of meal~

Monday, 11 February 2013

Strawberries Stuffed With Vanilla Cream Cheese

So this was our province's first annual family day, about time! We are the last province to get this holiday. I think Its a great idea actually :) This weekend I went home and made Quinoa sushi for my family , and my mom decided to try out some new Paleo friendly deserts. Thank you mom! They were amazing so I though I would share them with you. happy Family day everyone!

Manuka honey , natures natural medicine!

Well now, its been a while I have been suffering from this sinus infection, and Im totally done with the doctors typical methods of prescribing Antibiotics, steroids, nasal sprays, ext ext.. I have read great things about Manuka honey and its antibacterial and healing properties. This lil jar was a pretty penny, but heck it taste great and its a totally natural remedy ( Im all for it!) I started the regime of Cyan pepper and Manuka honey today, time to spice up my life and kick this in the but! If your interested here is some interesting articles about the benefits of Manuka honey from New Zealand :)

Friday, 8 February 2013


Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a big thank you to all my friends and family for all the support towards my blog! I just reached 10000 views, so amazing! And thank you to everyone else who has viewed my blog and been a part of its creation :) I'm excited for what the future holds and hopefully my blog will inspire and enlighten others with healthy eating and living! Once again I would like to give a big


 to everyone!  Here is my most recent recipe creation inspired by my time in Thailand and the cooking class I took while in Chang Mai! Enjoy ~

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


I found this idea in my Practical Paleo book and was inspired to try something similar with some modifications. I love vanilla and almonds, what better a combination! It can be eaten in the morning ( its almost all egg) or for a snack or even desert!


I made the green goddess salad dressing and decided it would go awesome with prawns! This salad was a bowl full of deliciousness!


Green goddess dressing! amazing for salads, seafood, or even on its own if you love avocados :p