I decided to start this blog to display my Paleo recipes and in addition information explaining Paleo Health, and Nutrition to help people fully understand. I often get asked the question "What is Paleo?". Although I am not trying to preach it I try to explain it to people so they fully understand, not just saying " its our ancestors diet" and leaving it at that..  

I started eating Paleo 2 years ago in the summer. Prior to eating Paleo I considered myself a healthy eater. Lots of whole grains, lots of fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, and low sugar (so I thought).  I was lead to this diet by beginning a 3 week CANDIDA CLEANSE. During these 3 weeks I did an immense amount of research. The biggest question I had was "What do I do after Im done the cleanse? Do I go back to the way I ate before?". All my research continuously led me to the answer being the Paleolithic Diet, the diet of our ancestors.  Right after finishing the cleanse I went right into Paleo, learning about what I could and could not eat through trial and error and continuing to constantly research it. My previous idea of what healthy eating was had completely changed! The following January I started Mark's 21 DAY CHALLENGE, a 21 day strict Paleo eating challenge. This helped me tremendously to kick the carb and sugar addiction and craving. After completing it I had amazing results and felt great! I continued to eat fairly strict Paleo to this day. I tend to follow Mark's Primal eating style over Paleo (They are basically the same thing, but Mark is a bit more slack, if its your birthday, have a piece of cake!) I do include minimal high fat dairy in my diet, and minimal non processed sugars like honey and maple syrup. This past fall I decided to challenge myself again and successfully completed Mark's 90 DAY PALEO CHALLENGE. It was a 100% strict 90 days, no cheating! I would have to say it is one of the best things I have ever done for myself . I don't crave carbs or sugar at all any more. (I would recommend anyone to try this, you'll be amazing at what you can do , only the first week is difficult).  I try to follow Mark's advice of the 80 - 20 % rule. Striving for 100% Paleolithic eating everyday, but going no less than 20% away for a special occasion. 

I get a lot of funny questions and responses when I say I eat Paleo:

"Whats that , is that Atkins or something?"
"Are you trying to loose Weight?"
"You don't even eat whole grains?"
"No sugar or grains? Its all in moderation to me"
"I could never never quit carbs, let alone grains!"

At first , most people may think that the Paleo diet is exactly that , just a "Diet", but its not. I prefer to say I'm Paleo, Its a life style not a diet! Exercise and Health , are just as important as the nutritional part of it. 

I could write on this page for far longer, but it is my hope and intention of creating this blog to inspire you to do your own research about the diet and make your own conclusions and decisions. I have provided many links , and Info graphs to help explain the Paleolithic basics! Many of the links may lead you into your own personal research journey (that's what happened to me , and its a never ending experience now !)

Take a look around, enjoy, and don't be scared to try crazy new things!!!

If you have any questions at all feel free to post them and I will do my best to help answer them :)