Monday, 11 February 2013

Strawberries Stuffed With Vanilla Cream Cheese

So this was our province's first annual family day, about time! We are the last province to get this holiday. I think Its a great idea actually :) This weekend I went home and made Quinoa sushi for my family , and my mom decided to try out some new Paleo friendly deserts. Thank you mom! They were amazing so I though I would share them with you. happy Family day everyone!


- 1 container of organic strawberries
- 1 block of cream cheese
- Liquid stevia ( or honey)
- Vanilla beans
- Vanilla extract
- 85% dark chocolate


- Wash and cut out the centres of all the strawberries, as well as the base to make it sit upright
- In a mixer combine cream cheese, 1 TSP vanilla extract and 1/4 Seeds from Vanilla bean
- Add in 5 - 10 drops liquid stevia , or 1 TBS honey, mix well
- Place mixture into a piping bag ( Zip lock bag with the tip cut off will work too)
- Pipe cream cheese mixture into all the star berries
- Grade dark chocolate on top for garnish and serve :)