Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Pesto Bacon Prawn Salad With Tomatos And Green Goddess Dressing

Today I picked up some delicious local nitrate free bacon , double smoked too, gotta love that smoky flavour! Back home my mom used to always make bacon wrapped scallops , they were so good! So I thought why not try prawns with the rich garlicky savoury flavour of pesto. I though it would compliment the smoky bacon well, sure did! I decided to top it off with my Green Goddess avocado dressing which also has pesto as an ingredient.

Just a little note to those who are interested.. try to pay attention to the labels and producers when buying bacon. Most bacon is full of preservatives (Nitrates), along with that the pigs are injected with hormones , vaccines and are fed a grain based diet AKA very unhealthy pig = unhealthy you. A lot of people following a Paleo lifestyle LOVE there bacon ( So do I ), but don't overlook the obvious. Many local farmers raise pigs that are hormone and vaccine free, and brine there bacon without nitrates. Although bacon does taste good its not worth the taste for all the junk they put in your typical supermarket ones. Look for a local organic producer and enjoy the good stuff when possible!


- 10 large prawns de-shelled and tailed
- 4 Strips of Nitrate free bacon
- 5 cherry tomato's
- Bed of red leaf lettuce
- 1 TBS Pesto



- De-shell and tail your prawns
- Cut bacon strips in half
- Coat prawns in pesto
- One pan is heated to medium heat place prawns and bacon in pan, allow prawns to cook for a few minutes them remove, and let bacon continue cooking until desired crispiness
- While bacon and prawns are cooking, make Green Goddess Dressing
- Wash and place a large hand full of red leaf lettuce in a bowl
- Chop up a few cherry tomatoes and place around bowl
- Top with the prawns bacon and dressing, enjoy!

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