Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Coconut Chai Ice Cream

Today was so much fun! My evening class was canceled so that left with with loads of time to experiment and of course... make ice cream! After doing loads of research and having a heck of a time deciding what kind I wanted to make, I finally decided this morning after being inspired by a simple cup of Chai tea! So here it is, Coconut Chai Ice cream. Oh, and also I got to crack open a young coconut! Brings me back to my time in Asia, I miss being able to pluck them fresh from the trees there, the benefits are amazing, want to learn more? Click HERE, Both the sweet coconut water and soft flesh are delicious and amazing for you! Sorry for all the pictures, I was having a little too much fun ;) Hope this inspires you all to make your own home made ice cream :D

After hacking away at the coconut, I finally got to the good stuff! Super soft young coconut flesh, it taste so good!
Coconut Chai Ice cream Garnished with star anise :)


- 2 Frozen bananas
- 1 cup steeped chai tea
- 1 cup coconut milk ( you can make your own or use canned, see below for home made)
- 1 - 2 TBS Raw honey ( depends how sweet you want it)
- 10 drops liquid vanilla stevia
- 1 TSP Allspice
- 1/4 TSP cinnamon
- 1/4 TSP cardamon
- 1/8 TSP ginger


- In a blender combines all ingredients well until mixture is completely smooth
- Add to Ice cream maker , and leave for 15 - 20 min . If you don't have an ice cream maker you can put the mixture into an ice cube tray
- Garnish with cinnamon and star anise :)


- Purchase a young coconut, These ones do not have the brown outer shell, they have the white husk on the outside still, make sure not to confuse them! The other kind works too but its a lot more work!
- Using the base of a sharp french knife puncture the coconut multiple times to create an opening in the top ( It may take many hits before you can break through the hard shell).
- Poor our the sweet coconut water making sure not to get any bits of husk in it.
- Using a spoon scrape out all the soft flesh inside. 
- Add both water and flesh to a high speed blender, blend until smooth.
- Use within 3 days for fresh tasting coconut milk!