Saturday, 8 December 2012


When some one asks me what my favourite food is I always say Sushi, Im a big fan! But since starting to eat Paleo the typical sushi which I loved became a no-no... it is my personal goal to find alternatives that are equal or better than the original food! This is my modern Paleo version of sushi. Once you try this you may never go back to classic sushi made with sticky rice. I must say that quinoa sushi is more tasty than the regular~! Not to mention its healthier and Paleo friends too!


1 Cup Organic Quiona
1/2 Avocado
1/2 TSP Sushi rice vinegar

Nori wraps
Japanese mayo

Suggestions for fillings:
-Green onion
-Cream cheese
-Japanese mayo
-Salmon lox
-Hand peeled shrimp
-BBQ chicken or duck


- Cook the quinoa for 15 min (1:2 ratio water to Quinoa)
-Sprinkle sushi vinegar over quiona and mix well (regular vinegar works too)
-Mash avocado into quiona untill all the chunks are gone. Let quinoa cool before using it
-Take quinoa and press onto sushi wrap speading evenly on the bottom 1/4 of the nori wrap
-Add a line of Japanese mayonnaise and place desired vegetables on top (make sure not to overfill or you wont be able to roll it!)
-Use a japanese bamboo rolling mat to complete the roll
-Place the roll face down where the edge of the nori wrap ends to seal it.
-Cut roll into 8 pieces and serve on a platter with wasabi and ginger ~!