Saturday, 8 December 2012


This is a must try recipe. So delicious and a sure crowd pleaser! Great to put in the fridge for left overs too!


1 small zucchini
1 small egg plant
1 can tomato sauce ( you can make your own easily w/ tomato paste, crushed tomatoes and Spices)
8 strips of sulphate free bacon
1 LBS Grass fed ground beef
1/2 bag baby spinach
1 Leek
1 - 2 vine ripened tomato's
2 carrots
1 onion
4- 6 cloves of garlic
1 cup full fat ( 4 %) cottage cheese
1/2 cup ricotta cheese
1 - 2 cups of shredded cheese choice ( for this recipe I used mozzarella, Gouda and spiced Havarti)
1 TBS olive oil

( you can add any combination of veggies you have in your fridge)


- Preheat oven to 375 Degrees F
- Cut zucchini and egg plant into thin strips with a mandolin
- Place vegetable strips and bacon onto a baking sheet and cook for 10 - 15 min at 400 Degrees F. ( You do this to remove excess water from veggies and pre-cook bacon
- lightly oil glass casserole dish
- In a sauce pan sauté garlic and onions then add in beef, cooking until all pink is gone
- Add in 3/4 of the tomato sauce and diced tomatoes
- Remove bacon and vegetable strips from oven ( Drain off excess water)
- Place a few Zucchini and egg plant strips in the base of the casserole dish
- Put 4 strips of bacon on top
- Add a bit of spinach and veggies of choice
- Add a bit of beef tomato sauce mixture
- Top with cottage and ricotta cheese
 >> Repeat these layers one more time
- Once you have completed your layers add the remainder of the tomato sauce and sprinkle grated cheese covering the top
- Bake @ 375 covered with tin foil for 45 minutes then 10 minutes uncovered . Let stand 5 - 10 minutes before serving