Tuesday, 25 June 2013

RAW Pear Ginger Cheese Cake

All right everyone!!! HAPPY SUMMER SOLSTICE :) yaeeeee! I'm so happy summer is finally here! Today was a beautiful day and what not better a way to ring in the new season with a summer inspired Raw cheese cake! This one turned out fantastic, I love pears and ginger, the pairing is lovely, Hope you all enjoy!

INGREDIENTS: (Makes 8 " cheese cake)

- 1 1/2 Cup almond flour
-5 TBS cacao powder
- 2 TBS Yacon syrup ( or liquid sweetener of choice, Maple syrup or coconut nectar would work well too)
-1 TSP Vanilla ban paste  ( you can use 1 vanilla bean or extract if you don't have this)
- Pinch of salt

- 1 1/2 cup soaked cashews (soak for at least 3 hours)
- 2 ripe pears chopped
- 2-3 TBS Raw honey ( you can use raw agave syrup or other substitute also)
- 1 Inch of ginger grated
- 1/2 cup almond milk
- 1 TSP Vanilla bean paste
- 1/4 TSP cinnamon
- 1/2 cup melted coconut oil


- In a food processor combine all crust ingredients pulsing until it starts to clump.
- Line a 8" spring form pan with parchment paper and press crust into the bottom. 
- Next add all the filling ingredients into a high speed blender , pulsing until mixture is creamy. Pour 3/4 of the mix over top of the crust leaving a bit in the blender still. Add in a bit more vanilla, cinnamon, and 1 TBS of cacao powder to create a contrast swirling effect.
- To create swirls in your cheese cake pour remanding mixture quickly and evenly around the pan. Using a chop stick or end of a knife push into the batter and swirl around creating a beautiful pattern.
-Place cheese cake in freezer for 2-3 hours before serving. Optional to serve with dark chocolate on top,  enjoy !

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