Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Pork tenderloin With Oregano And Roasted Red Pepper, Paired With A Strawberry Spinach Balsamic Salad

One more day until summer is upon us! This summer inspired meal was so fresh and delicious! Strawberries and balsamic go so well together , it is a strange combo but thats the beauty in it!


- 1 Pork tenderloin
- Small clump of Lemon oregano 
- 1 garlic cloves
- Salt and pepper
- 1/2 red pepper

-hand full of spinach
- Fresh sprouts
- 5-6 strawberries
- Feta cheese
- 1 TBS olive oil
- Dash of balsamic vinegar


- Place oven on broil to roast the red peppers. Chop peppers lengthwise and cover in olive oil placing on a pan under the broiler until the skins become blackened ( takes about 5 - 6 min ) keep an eye on them so they don't burn! Remove the skins after they have cooled.
- Preheat a pan with olive oil, placing pork tenderloin in and searing on both sides. Mince up garlic and lemon Oregano and add to pan nearing the end of the pork cooking (If you only have regular just add a few dashes of fresh lemon juice or do both for an added zing!) 
- While pork tenderloin is cooking prepare salad, mix strawberries, feta, spinach ,  salt and pepper, olive oil, Balsamic vinegar ( usually a 2:1 ration of Olive oil to Vinegar, but feel free to add less or more to your liking)
- Place pork tenderloin on a plate topped with roasted red peppers, and salad on the side, Enjoy!

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